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Reposted from Facebook on account of my friends list here doesn't quite overlap the one there.

So during the last few years, I've discussed separately with at least Kat, Wendy, Amber, and possibly others the idea of getting together and having a "sewing circle"-type thing, since I know so many cool and creative people, and our busy lives mean that we often only get together for gaming or going out. The season, which features increasingly earlier nighttime and cold cocoony weather, has made me want to bring this to fruition. Even though this semester is not as bad for Adam as last year's were, I've still ended up having a lot of free evenings while he works, and have spent a lot of them working alone on my crafty projects. But it would be more fun to have company, so would people be interested in coming over and working on creative stuff some night this week or later? Since we are living in the Enlightened Twenty-First Century, guys are welcome too! I know there are a lot of you who paint miniatures and stuff. Come over and sew, knit, draw, d├ęcoupage, scrapbook, write structured poetry, etc.! There can even be tasty refreshments.

I'm usually completely free Monday and Wednesday nights, and occasionally on Tuesdays. Fridays and Saturdays are less reliable, and Thursdays and Sundays are, of course, gaming. It's been indicated that Monday the 12th may be a possible good night for some. Let me know!


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