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Today is the first day since the beginning of July that hasn't included houseguests or planning for a major holiday, trip, or family event. Adam is at work, and I'm spending my day off accomplishing a combination of homework, fighting back house-entropy, and taking brief breaks to laze around and stretch like a cat on any available soft surface. I've become a sleep nomad lately--I'm not sure if my problems lately have been insomnia as much as they may be the fact that my body actually works optimally when I sleep from 3-11 AM--but either way, I haven't been able to get to sleep anytime near when Adam gets tired for quite a while. So to avoid disturbing his sleep by tossing and turning and kicking the covers irritably around, I've begun letting myself fall asleep whenever and wherever I get tired. When I wake up, either in the middle of the night or when the cats ambush me for food in the morning, I crawl into bed with him and sleep with whatever time we have left. Last night I fell asleep curled up weirdly on the fainting couch with a few candles burning nearby, which felt pleasant and romantic (although sleeping contorted like that was not kind to my joints and muscles, and I was probably providing an awful fire hazard).

My brother and his girlfriend should be boarding a plane back to Phoenix by now, my cousins are on their honeymoon, and the family is dispersing back to its regular routine. My mom's side of the family is, in general, great to get together in large groups; we even have funny stories involving funerals, and of course, weddings are tons better. I got to reconnect with uncles and cousins that I haven't seen since my mom's stepmother passed away five years ago, we finally got to meet some of my newest cousin's family (some of whom insisted that next time we visit NYC, we need to let them take us out for authentic dim sum), and just spending so much time with the people I see comparatively regularly was great.

It's now on the far end of July, and I'm beginning to be aware of how summer is slipping away far too quickly. We have season passes to Kennywood, which we haven't even been to yet, and city pool tags, which we've only used once. Fall is my favorite time of year, but I used to love summer a lot more, and I want to recapture that. This is the last season that I'm going to have to spend taking accelerated classes, though. Next summer, we'll be able to take better advantage of Adam's time off school, and as long as I'm still with the sub pool, I'll try to schedule more shifts in the morning so that both of our evenings are free.

I should get back to homework. What I really want to do is to continue attacking the guest room, now that I am confident that the ceiling tiles aren't asbestos and I know how to remove them easily. The attic is calling me, too. It's creeping closer and closer to being a finished room, and until babby is formed and old enough that we can put it up there, I might commandeer part of the attic as a crafting room, because my string and cloth stash has taken over our entire bedroom. I know a bunch of women of a certain age whose eyes and hands won't allow them to craft anymore, and they know that I have an insatiable compulsion to accept their unfinished projects and materials.

But homework. I have a lot of library work scheduled this week, as well as the potential for a playtest of one of Adam's games, and I want to feel relatively sane and unencumbered this week.


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